Lets Learn P's and C's







Let's highlight your product/service values, with everything that constitutes your companies design.


Let's understand the price of your

  • competitors, supplies and demand of your product. etc.


Let's communicate how your image and product/service should be promoted.


Lets define location and how the product/service leaves your business to reach your customer or makes convient for customer/client. ( On-line and Off-line )


Let's recognize customer value, because your customer is the key to success in your business. 


Lets study your competitors!!! Both direct and indirect competitors. 


Lets understand your companies strengths and weaknesses. In order to continue improving... for opportunities to grow and optimize through your creative ideas and action.





Benefits of Advertisement

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Broadcast Media Ads:

Let's see how you benefit from television and radio the two traditional broadcast media for advertising. What is your budget for XYZ:

Print Media Ads:

Lets talk about Magazines and newspapers for print media components, also flyers and brochures are common and traditional.

Support Media Ads:

Let's locate your support media, which includes: 

  • directories and trade publications are common support media etc.

Direct Marketing Ads:

Your direct marketing is an interactive approach to advertising which includes 

Product Placement:

Let's offer a TV show, movie, video game or event to use your product while entertaining audiences vice versa you as brand ambassador for their business etc..


Internet Ads:

Let's incorporate banner ads, pop up ads, text ads and paid search placements. 

Social Media Ads:

Let's navigate the different target groups. These include

  • Demographics such as (gender, age, location, job description and salary) etc.




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Lets Develop a Promotion Strategy:

Lets find out where you stand in the competitive landscape and pinpoint what's different about what you offer versus competitors. 

Lets Cultivate Relationships:

Lets understand why selling is one of the most expensive forms of promotion, yet most effective because it focuses on relationships. 

Lets Target Customer with Direct Marketing:

Lets tailor a message that is geared specifically for their needs through:

email, postal mail or social media etc.

Good Impression With Public Relations:

Let's build public relations, which refers to developing a positive brand and image via:

Types of Promotion:

While there are five (plus) distinct categories. Promotional mix examples are advertising etc. 

Define Your Target Market:

  • Gain a clear understanding of who your target audience is XYZ 

Lets Establish Promotional Goal:

Lets create brand awareness and develop brand loyalty in the long run, or look for a quick boost in sales to close out the year? Lets Find Out

Lets Craft Your Message:

Lets create a unique value proposition that includes exactly what you offer and what makes your business stand out.


Telemarketing is a way to survey customers and offer new products, upgrades or renewals. Direct mail (postcards to targeted customers promoting products, deals or promotions).

Lets Reach Your Audience 



4 Brand Strategy Decisions To Build Strong Brands

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Brand Positioning – Branding Decisions

Lets position you in your customers’ minds on three main levels:

Brand Name Selection – Branding Decisions

It should suggest something about your product’s benefits and qualities. 

Brand Sponsorship – Branding Decisions

Lets figure your brand type, is it locale, national, international brand. ( or ALL!!! )

Brand Development – Branding Decisions

Line extension refers to extending an existing brand name to new forms, sizes, colors, ingredients or flavors of an existing product category.

Business Model Canvas


Lean Plan for Start-Up Business.

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Many people wish to be entrepreneurs. But many are unclear on barriers both small and large. Let me and my team inform you of the important things with.

The 9 Phases:

  1. Customer Segments

  2. Value Proposition

  3. Channels 

  4. Customer Relationship

  5. Streams of Revenue

  6. Key Resources

  7. Key Activities

  8. Key Partnership

  9. Cost of Productions

Extra Nuggets:

  • Business Hypothesis

  • Business Pivoting

  • MVP ( Minimum Viable Product ).

  • Moonlighting





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